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Bible Study Guides
Click here to download and print Brenda's Bible Study Guide

This study guide comes in a single pdf on six pages. Once you download the PDF follow these steps for easy printing and assembling. (Steps 1-4 listed below)

For a "Reader's Version" of the Bible Study please
Click here to download.
Steps for Printing Study Guide Yourself

Please read the following carefully.

  1. Download the booklet PDF HERE----> STUDY GUIDE
  2. promotion, etc.

  3. If you have a printer that will allow you to print front and back select the SHORT EDGE BINDING MODE as well as REVERSE ORDER and click print. (This will print the document front and back and in the correct order. Then skip to step four.)

  4. If you do not have a printer that will allow you to print front and back then print only the ODD PAGES FIRST (It is very important that you do not change the order the paper comes out from your printer). Once the three pages print, follow your specific printers' guidelines about returning the paper to the tray (right side up-or-upside down) and then select PRINT, PRINTING THE EVEN PAGES ONLY. This should back up your first printing with the proper pages.

  5. Fold the papers in half, following the order of the topics, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.